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The OCLF has submitted a detailed response about Collaborative Practice to the Law Commission of Ontario (LCO).  Their interim report “Towards a More Efficient and Responsive Family Law System” contained some misconceptions about the process.  We are hopeful that the LCO will take us up on our invitation to learn more about the Collaborative option and will incorporate some of our comments in their final report.  To view a copy of our letter, click here.

Changing the Experience of Family Dispute Resolution:  Collaborative Principles in the Courtroom, by Laura Fryer.  This article first appeared in the November, 2010 edition of “Matrimonial Affairs”, the newsletter of the Ontario Bar Association’s Family Law Section.  In a panel discussion at the OCLF Conference in September, 2010, three judges, all former Collaborative lawyers, reflect on the benefits for families of importing collaborative principles into matrimonial litigation.

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